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Portland Diabetes & Endocrinology Center participates in clinical trials of new medical treatments, drugs, or devices, emphasizing those related to diabetes and its complications.

What clinical trials are currently in progress?

Patients who have an interest in study participation can talk to their doctor to see if any studies are available.

Medical Research & Clinical Trials

Our doctors and patients have been contributing to Research endeavors for over 25 years. All potential studies are thoroughly reviewed in advance by our physicians for safety and relevance. Patients who want to participate are carefully screened and monitored by doctors and our dedicated Research staff.
What is a clinical trial and why is it needed?: Researchers constantly look for better or new ways of treating illness and disease. Discoveries cannot be put into general use until controlled testing has been done on actual patients.
What clinical trials have been conducted at PDEC? Our patients helped test human insulin, which is now widely used as the standard of care for patients with diabetes. We also participated in trials for statins, which have achieved dramatic cholesterol-lowering results. Recent studies include testing of inhaled insulin as well as sensor devices for insulin pumps.
Why would a patient want to participate in a clinical trial?: Patients have told us that they welcome the opportunity to help themselves and…more importantly…to potentially help others for generations to come. A new drug may reduce pain or improve quality of life. All clinical trial patients receive a great deal of personal medical attention. There is also reimbursement for travel and participation expenses.

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