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Portland Diabetes and Endocrinology Center

Portland Diabetes & Endocrinology Center, P.C., in Portland, Oregon, is one of the oldest and largest independent endocrinology clinics in the United States.

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Patient Portal

MyHealthRecord Patient Portal allows you to manage appointments, view medications,  manage health records, pay your bill, and more.

Patient Resources

We have curated an extensive list of resources for a variety of conditions including adrenal diseases, osteoporosis, thyroid diseases, and much more.

Our Laboratory

We have state-of-the-art testing equipment and well-trained professionals. Our lab was awarded the COLA Laboratory Excellence Award.

About PDEC

The roots of our clinic go back to the 1920’s when insulin first became available for the treatment of diabetes. Through the years, PDEC physicians have been leaders in the research and advancement of treatment for endocrine diseases. All our physicians are certified as Diplomates in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

As a specialty clinic, PDEC does not provide primary care services. The majority of our patients are referred by their primary care providers who value the expertise of our doctors in diagnosing and treating hormonal disorders including problems with the thyroid, pancreas, pituitary or adrenal glands. Among the most common conditions treated are Diabetes Mellitus Types 1 and 2, Thyroid Disorders and Osteoporosis. If you believe you have an endocrine condition you should contact your primary care provider first. They can evaluate your symptoms and refer you to a specialist in our clinic if they think it is appropriate. Thank you for visiting our website and considering us to participate with you in your care.


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